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Cambridge Reproduction

Barry Coughlan
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department of Public Health and Primary Care
Sarah Dillon
Professor of Literature and the Public Humanities
Faculty of English
No photo available
PhD Student/Research Coordinator
Centre for Family Research / Department of Medical Genetics
Timothy Hearn
Teaching Fellow and College Lecturer
Department of Medical Genetics
Nicky Holdstock
Senior Lecturer in Equine Reproduction
Department of Veterinary Medicine
Claire Hughes
Professor of Developmental Psychology
Centre for Family Research
Nazeen Khan
Visiting Research Fellow
Postdoctoral researcher
Center of South Asian Studies
Vicky Leong
Affiliated Lecturer
Department of Psychology
Valentina Lorenzi
PhD student
Wellcome Sanger Institute/ European Bioinformatics Institute
Jane MacDougall
Consultant & Subspecialist Reproductive Medicine, Associate Lecturer
Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust & Newnham College
Leah McHugh
PhD Student
Babraham Institute
Liam Myles
MPhil student
Department of Psychology
Caroline Rusterholz
Eccellenza Assistant Professor
Graduate Institute Geneva
No photo available
Vere Harmsworth Professor of Imperial and Naval History
Faculty of History
Caroline Walker
PhD candidate, biomedical animator and illustrator
Department of Pathology
Vivian Wu
MPhil Student
Department of Sociology
Kankan Zhang
PhD student
Department of Sociology