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Conceptions provide a unique opportunity for research fellows, post-doctoral research associates and graduate students at the University of Cambridge to run their own creative interdisciplinary project around the theme of reproduction. The scheme began in November 2019, and has supported the following projects:



Queer Conceptions

Dr Francesca Gaccioli (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) and Dr Geoffrey Maguire (MMLL)

This interdisciplinary project draws together researchers working on reproduction and reproductive rights to create a forum in which a range of contemporary issues - from same-sex adoption to trans pregnancy, and from women’s rights activism to biological advances in the reproductive sciences - can be discussed in a way that nurtures cross-disciplinary and mutually beneficial critical debate.

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Does Blood Run Thicker Than Water?

Kate Shaw (CFR), Dr Naomi Moris (Genetics) and Dr Catherine Aiken (O&G)

This project will bring together family researchers and biological scientists into a single discursive environment to explore how commonly understood notions of relatedness are tied to real biological phenomena. It will also allow the wider public to contribute to an informed debate regarding what genes are, what they are not, and why it is becoming increasingly important for us to critically discuss meanings of biological relatedness.

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