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Victoria Leong is Affiliated Lecturer at the University of Cambridge (UK) as well as Assistant Professor of Psychology at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). She heads the Baby-LINC Lab at the Department of Psychology. She studies how infants learn in social contexts, such as during play with parents. As a developmental cognitive neuroscientist, she specialises in using dual-electroencephalgraphy (EEG) to investigate how the brain activity patterns of parents and infants become synchronised during social interactions, and how this mutual neural attunement potentiates early learning and communication. Dr Leong received her PhD in Psychology from the University of Cambridge in 2013. Her PhD thesis was awarded the Robert J. Glushko Prize by the Cognitive Science Society for outstanding interdisciplinary work. She received a Junior Research Fellowship from Cambridge University for early-career independent research in 2013, followed by a Parke Davis Fellowship at Harvard University in 2015. Her research programme at Cambridge University (UK) is supported by research grants from the UK Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC), the Leverhulme Foundation, the British Academy, the Rosetrees Medical Trust and the Sir Isaac Newton Trust. Her current work on parent-infant brain synchrony is funded by an ESRC Transformative Research grant which recognises pioneering and potentially transformative scientific research.