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Cambridge Reproduction


This new Strategic Research Initiative explores the challenges posed by reproduction today.

We facilitate close engagement between the arts, humanities and social sciences, biology and medicine. By approaching reproduction collectively and across disciplines, we offer fresh perspectives on broad issues which range from intimate experiences to global policies and affect individuals, families and populations.

The rapid advances we see in reproductive technologies are instigating new legal, biological, medical, ethical and sociological challenges regarding topics such as gene editing, artificial gametes, developmental programming, parenting and family structures. This strategic research initiative will enable us to promote connections between these urgent contemporary challenges and, in the long view offer up critical perspectives and practical solutions.

Statement of vision and goals

1. to raise the profile of research into reproduction in Cambridge, emphasising both the strength and breadth of expertise, to build a world-leading centre of excellence;

2. to integrate researchers in different departments and institutes at all levels in order to promote cross-fertilisation of ideas, and to develop new interdisciplinary research, teaching initiatives and policy developments;

3. to establish links with overseas partners and explore the local needs for Centres of Excellence related to reproduction;

4. to foster translational research and facilitate increased engagement with industry;

5. to attract major philanthropic donations and external research funding; and

6. to lobby for reproductive research and maternal and family health, and to inform and influence governmental legislation (e.g. HFEA) and NGO policies at home and abroad.