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Meeting programme

Session 1 (Chair: Sarah Franklin, Cambridge)

10:00 Opening remarks (Sarah Franklin, Cambridge)
10:10 Germline: the enduring link between generations (Azim Surani, Cambridge)
10:25 Discussion
10:35 Anne McLaren’s legacy to the mammalian germline biology (Robin Lovell-Badge, Francis Crick Institute)
10:50 Discussion
11:00 Ethics of germline research: gene editing and synthetic gametes (Sarah Chan, Edinburgh)
11:15 Discussion

11:25 Coffee break

Session 2 (Chair: Robert Bud, Science Museum)

11:45 Human germline in vitro models for development and the epigenetic programme (Naoko Irie, Cambridge)
12:00 Discussion
12:10 How to build a primate: modelling embryogenesis in a dish (Thorsten Boroviak, Cambridge)
12:25 Discussion
12:35 Mitochondrial inheritance, germline purification and disease: can we fix it? (Mary Herbert, Newcastle)
12:50 Discussion

13:00 Lunch break

Session 3 (Chair: Liz Robertson, Oxford)

14:00 Principles of embryogenesis - from polarisation to symmetry breaking (Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, Cambridge)
14:15 Discussion
14:25 The legal situation with regard to the generation of synthetic gametes from somatic stem cells (Emily Jackson, LSE)
14:40 Discussion
14:50 A sociology of artificial gametogenesis (Noemie Merleau-Ponty, CNRS)
15:05 Discussion

15:15 Tea break

Session 4 (Chair: Kathy Niakan, Cambridge)

15:50 Panel discussion: Robert Bud (Science Museum), Amarpreet Kaur (Cambridge), Sarah Chan (Edinburgh), Robin Lovell-Badge (Francis Crick Institute), Thorsten Boroviak (Cambridge)
16:30 Thanks and closing comments

16:45 Optional virtual & sociable drinks and nibbles