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Cambridge Reproduction

Reproduction Showcase

Friday 2 July, 2 - 3.30pm

Join us for a celebration of our first three years – and discover the huge diversity of reproduction research happening in and around Cambridge!



The Showcase will take place on Zoom; if you would like to attend, please register here:



Introduction: Professor Kathy Niakan (Chair, Reproduction SRI)

Session 1 (Chair: Dafni Lima (Law))

Queer Conceptions: an interdisciplinary approach
Dr Geoffrey Maguire (MMLL)

Brain Activation in Mother and BabY (BAMBY)
Grace Kromm (Clinical Neurosciences)

Parent experience of rapid genetic testing in NICU
Professor Claire Hughes (Centre for Family Research)

Parentage, parenthood, parental responsibility
Professor Jens Scherpe (Centre for Family Law)



Session 2 (Chair: Dr Christian Belton (Babraham Institute))

The many births of the test-tube baby
Professor Nick Hopwood (HPS)

The search for an in vitro system to study epigenetics in early human placentation
Dr Courtney Hanna (Babraham Institute/CTR)

Add-on technologies in IVF
Dr Lucy van de Wiel (Sociology)

Epigenetic mechanisms in early embryo development
Dr Peter Rugg-Gunn (Babraham Institute)



Session 3 (Chair: Antonia Hufnagel (IMS-MRL))

Developing new methods to screen for fetal growth restriction
Professor Steve Charnock-Jones (O&G)

Maternal mortality in the ancient Roman world
Dr Rebecca Flemming (Classics)

Mitotherapy for mother and child in adverse pregnancy
Professor Dino Giussani (PDN)

Mapping female reproductive tissues one cell at a time
Dr Luz Garcia-Alonso (Wellcome Sanger Institute)