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Cambridge Reproduction



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Why join the Summer School? 

Encompassing lectures from academics covering biological, ethical, legal, historical, sociological – and more – aspects relating to reproduction.

Students and lecturers asking and answering some of the big questions!  

What's the format? 

Recorded lectures available from a week before the course begins.

Then interactive teaching sessions on Zoom each afternoon from 14.30-16.00 BST. 

How much does it cost? 

£20 – for low/middle income countries and to undergraduates (terms and conditions apply, see below *) 
£100  – students/concessions/Cambridge Reproduction members
£200 – early-career researchers and junior academic and clinical staff
£300 – all other attendees

How do I register? 

Go to the University's Online Store to register and sign up for the course 

* Terms and Conditions - of £20 fee
1. Proof of undergraduate status may be requested
2. Researchers at any level from countries on the list below are eligible for the £20 fee