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Programme in 2021-2022

This page will be updated as speakers and chairs for each seminar are confirmed.

The Zoom meeting details can be found on this page (Cam only; Raven login needed): If you don't have a Raven login, please email Christina Rozeik to receive the Zoom meeting link for this year's seminars.

The seminars in 2021 - 2022 are convened by Dr Grace Jean Campbell (MRC Toxicology Unit), Dafni Lima (Law), Aideen O'Shaughnessy (Sociology) and Gabrielle Oxley (MRC Toxicology Unit).


Michaelmas Term 2021

21 October 2021

Introduction to this year's Early Researchers Seminar Series
Dafni Lima (Law)

Single cell transcriptomic analysis elucidates the course of murine trophoblast stem cell differentiation
Dr Dafina Angelova (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)


18 November 2021

Proof-of-concept support for the development and implementation of a digital assessment for perinatal mental health: mixed methods study
Dr Nayra Martin-Key (Cambridge Centre for Neuropsychiatric Research)

m-Health solutions for perinatal mental health: a scoping review and appraisal following the MIND framework
Benedetta Spadaro (Cambridge Centre for Neuropsychiatric Research)


9 December 2021

Can ethical and religious considerations legitimately influence a publicly-funded healthcare system? The case of non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) in Germany
Irene Domenici (Max Planck Law/Faculty of Law)

Investigation of metformin use in pregnancy in a murine model of maternal obesity and glucose intolerance
Antonia Hufnagel (Institute of Metabolic Science)


Lent Term 2022

20 January 2022

Disruption of folate metabolism causes poor alignment and spacing of mouse conceptuses for multiple generations
Amy Wilkinson (Babraham Institute)

Contraceptive stories: historical writing and technical innovation
Kim Alexander (History and Philosophy of Science)


17 February 2022

Transcriptional changes in the mammary gland during lactation revealed by single cell sequencing of cells from human milk
Alecia-Jane Twigger (Pharmacology)

Addressing barriers to abortion under indirect discrimination law: the challenge of causation
Vandita Khanna (Law)

Chair: Jinal Dadiya (Law)


17 March 2022

Acetyl-CoA metabolism and human trophoblast differentiation
Giulia Avellino (Obstetrics & Pharmacology)

Wearable biosensors for vaginal health monitoring
Tommaso Busolo (Engineering)

Chair: Sophie Kitching (MRC Toxicology Unit)


Easter Term 2022

21 April 2022

Not all fetal gonadal macrophages are alike: a tale of three phenotypes
Valentina Lorenzi (Wellcome Sanger Institute)

Cells in gels: identifying novel regulators of early embryonic development
Timo Kohler (Biochemistry)

Chair: Caterina Milo (Law)


19 May 2022

Informed consent to abortion: is the medical involvement a challenge?
Caterina Milo (Law)

Morphogenetic events accompanying embryo implantation: studying the time of first contact between mother and embryo
Antonia Weberling (PDN)

Chair: Kavya Kartik (Law)


16 June 2022

In vitro gametogenesis – bottlenecks and solutions
Geraldine Jowett (Gurdon Institute)

Investigating fetal hypoxia in a mouse model of obese pregnancy
Isabella Inzani (IMS-MRL)

Chair: TBC