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Cambridge Reproduction


Cambridge Reproduction has organised and co-sponsored a number of interdisciplinary seminars, including the interdisciplinary Early Researchers Seminar Series (ERSS), which provides a platform for early career researchers to share reproduction-focused research.

Past seminars

Fetal behaviour and development

6 February 2024

Cambridge Reproduction sponsored this hybrid seminar about fetal behaviour and development, organised jointly with the PIPKIN study (Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge). 

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Reproductive Justice in the Climate Crisis

January and February 2024

Featuring academic panel members across the fields of biological sciences, sociology, gender studies and history, these seminars discussed how climate change and reproductive justice intersect. The seminars addressed topics such as the overpopulation myth, environmental racism, and social inequalities utilising reproductive justice as a framework.

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Oh My Ovaries! A female reproductive health journey across the lifespan

November 2022 to February 2023

Where does the boundary between normal and abnormal period pain lie? How does the placenta support maternal and fetal health during pregnancy? What exactly happens during menopause? The Cambridge University Femtech Society and Cambridge Reproduction joined forces to tackle these and many other questions during an online series of events.

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Why can't we keep our children healthy?

10 November 2022

At this event, a panel of experts on international child health policy, ​geography, education and nutrition explored the factors that influence nutrition, physical and mental development in the early years, as well as the challenges that families face in raising healthy children.

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