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Oh My Ovaries event image

We are excited to announce a series of events exploring the female reproductive health journey across the lifespan, organised by Cambridge Femtech Society in partnership with Cambridge Reproduction.

Where does the boundary between normal and abnormal period pain lie? How does the placenta support maternal and fetal health during pregnancy? What exactly happens during menopause? How can we support women’s health at the work and study place? The Cambridge University Femtech Society and Cambridge Reproduction have joined forces to tackle these and many other questions during an online series of events titled Oh my ovaries! A female reproductive health journey across the lifespan. With a range of diverse speakers from academia and the femtech industry, each event will shed light on women’s reproductive health research and showcase innovative solutions to address pressing unmet needs.

Oh My Ovaries! comprises a series of four online events between November 2022 and March 2023, wrapped up by a final in-person networking event.

The full programme is coming soon! The first two events are:

PPP: puberty, periods and pain
16 November 2022, 6pm

In the first event, we will explore the boundaries between normal and abnormal period pain and how pain can be related to overlooked yet prevalent conditions such as endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome and chronic pelvic pain.


Maternal and fetal health during pregnancy and post-partum
22 November 2022, 6pm

In the second event, we will move to another important aspect of the lives of several women: pregnancy. More specifically, we will take a deep dive in the fundamental role of placental dysfunction and how biomedical engineering research in this field may improve perinatal care. From the femtech perspective, we also want to showcase digital solutions that are currently being developed to aid expecting and new mothers.


Inside-out menopause
1 February 2023, 5.30pm

In this third event, we will discuss innovative ideas and the latest research in the menopause space. We will do so with three incredible speakers: Prof Joyce Harper (professor of reproductive science at UCL), Heather Ritchie (CSO at Embr Labs), and Ann O'Neill (co-founder and CEO at Adora Health).  



The Cambridge Femtech Society aims to inform and create a network of motivated students and alumni who promote knowledge-sharing and tackle challenges in femtech - the intersection of women’s health and technology. More information:




This series of events has been supported by a grant from the Cambridge Reproduction Events Fund