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Cambridge Reproduction


I’m a 3rd year PhD student in the Occhipinti group, based at the Cambridge Graphene Centre. My undergraduate degree was in chemistry with medicinal chemistry and I started my PhD after working in the pharmaceutical sector for 2 years after my undergraduate.
My research focus is smart, flexible, and wearable technology that uses sweat as the primary bio-fluid. Projects include: developing a flexible, wearable device that can assist clinicians in the uniform diagnosis of mental health and stress conditions non-invasively. A major part of my research is in using materials that are from a regenerative source and biocompatible.

During my PhD I have led two award-winning research proposals for the CAPE Grand Challenge in 2021 (SP-Destress) and in 2022 (CamBalance), sponsored by GSK and Haleon, respectively. I am currently leading the industrial partnership project with Haleon to develop a mobile application with a smart companion device for monitoring physiological changes in menopausal people. I have a passion for innovating in the field of women’s (trans and nonbinary) health, mental health, and sustainable materials.  Other projects include – smart sensor systems for vaginal health and the microbiota.