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Blood Runs Thicker Than Water - blood in water glass

Help us develop a short film about family, biology and relatedness!

We (Kate Shaw, Centre for Family Research) and Naomi Moris, Genetics) have been awarded Conceptions funding by the Cambridge Reproduction SRI for our project Does Blood Run Thicker Than Water?. As part of this project, we will co-create a short film exploring the complexity of perceptions and preconceptions of the role of biology in embryo development. We will be bringing together perspectives from family researchers, biomedical scientists and donor conception families (where one or both parents do not have a genetic connection to their child). Please see below for just a few examples of the complex narratives we are looking to explore surrounding developmental biology and what it means to parent in different family forms. The film will be screened at a special event later this year.

We are now looking for collaborators to help us develop ideas for the film. This would initially involve a short interview to discuss relevant research in this area and creative ideas for expressing it in a short film. There may also be an opportunity to become more involved with the creative process. We would love to hear from researchers in any field, but those from the biomedical sciences would be particular welcome.

If you are interested, or if you have any questions, please contact Kate Shaw (

Thank you!
Kate Shaw (Centre for Family Research)