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Cambridge Reproduction


Amarpreet’s PhD research focusses on attitudes towards human germline genome editing as a potential reproductive choice in the United Kingdom, in relation to disease. Her interdisciplinary research draws on policy and legislation, as well as STS, and disability studies to inform her findings and discussions. 

Amarpreet’s primary research was formed of three parts. The first part of her research consisted of a mixed-methods online survey of a tailored sample of 521 members of the British public. The second part was formed of interviews with 13 professionals and experts who could speak to the potential future and development of germline genome editing technology in the United Kingdom. The final phase of Amarpreet’s research was devised of structured interviews with people who are affected by a range of monogenic conditions.  

Amarpreet is now a Lecturer in Health Technology and Governance in the School of Social Policy at the University of Birmingham. Her wider academic interests include gender studies, health policy, student engagement, and widening participation