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Cambridge Reproduction SRI

The University has a fund which provides support for large bids. You can find further information on the Large Bid Fund and guidance how to apply here:

The team in the Research Strategy Ofiice can assist you, as we are aware the application process can be time consuming. The RSO can offer support with facilitation, coordination and input into large complex bids, particularly to promote cross-disciplinary grant applications.

Please get in touch if you are interested and we can help.


Isaac Newton Trust (INT) Research Grants for Early Career Support for University Lecturers in the Physical Sciences and Technology

Isaac Newton Trust (INT) Research Grants for Early Career Support for University Lecturers in the Physical Sciences and Technology 

Applications for October 2019 and March 2020 will be publicised soon.

For the INT Early Career Support scheme for University Lecturers in the physical sciences and technology. This scheme is for newly appointed lecturers who have been appointed between 1 October 2015 and 31 May 2019. It is designed to aid academics in beginning their research careers.  To facilitate this, the funding can be used as flexibly as possible in giving applicants money for their research as best suits their needs. Applicants must demonstrate how this funding will lead to future applications for external funding.

Proposals are invited for projects of up to £50,000, for a period of up to 1 year. 50% (up to £25,000) will be provided by the Isaac Newton Trust and the remaining 50% (up to £25,000) must be provided by the home Department. The departmental contribution must come from departmental funds, and not another grant. The eligible expenditure includes directly incurred and allocated costs only. The grants can be used to fund PDRA support, equipment, travel and ancillary consumables. PI Time and student fees are not eligible costs on this grant.

The application should include:

  • Proposal with the breakdown of the budget* requested (maximum 2 pages A4)
  • CV and publications (maximum 2 pages A4)
  • Statement of support from the Head of the Department, outlining why they recommend the project for funding and confirming that the department will provide 50% of the project cost.
  • Information about funding received to date, to include:
  • the starting packages received when appointed to the lectureship
  • grant funding to date
  • An explanation of how this proposal relates to your current funding and how it would lead to future large-grant funding (maximum 1 page A4)

*X5 is not requested at the application stage, but will be needed at the award stage. Please liaise with your Departmental Administrator to make sure the project costs are correctly calculated.

Note: where applicable, a statement in relation to ethical reviews, outlining what permissions the applicant has and what they would need, should be included.

Please note that the unsuccessful applicants to this scheme cannot apply to the Isaac Newton Trust directly for support for the same project. The successful applicants cannot apply to the Isaac Newton Trust directly for matching funding for this scheme.

Funding Call: Knowledge Frontiers – International Interdisciplinary Research Projects

Funding Call: Knowledge Frontiers – International Interdisciplinary Research Projects

Restricted call: AMS Springboard Round 5 (internal deadline 1st May 2019)

The Academy of Medical Sciences have just launched their Springboard scheme – Round 5, which aims to support researchers newly appointed to their first independent position. 
The Academy encourage Springboard applicants from all areas related to human health (from molecular, cellular and structural biology to anatomical, physiological, psychological, epidemiological and public health) and from wider subject areas and non-traditional career pathways (engineering, veterinary science chemistry, data science, biomedical science) providing that their research has a benefit for human health. Applicants may use experimental or theoretical approaches and be undertaking everything from basic laboratory research through clinical application to healthcare delivery, as long as the work reflects the Academy’s mission to improve human health through research.
This scheme includes funding of up to £100,000 over two years and access to the Academy’s acclaimed mentoring and career development programme.
To be eligible to apply you must:
• Hold an established academic research position at your institution.
• Be within 3 years (FTE) of appointment to your first independent salaried position (i.e. group leader level).
• Have sufficient time remaining in your current post to complete the proposed Springboard project.
• Be based within one of the eligible higher education institutions (i.e. University of Cambridge).      
And you must not:
• Hold a clinical contract.
• Be in receipt of over £150,000 during the award period (excluding personal salary, overheads or indirect costs) as Principal or Co-Investigator.
This year, GCRF remit is also included. All applicants will need to consider whether their work falls within it.
For further details please check:
• The R5 application form guidance
• The Springboard FAQs, in their Website, but please note this document will be updated for Round 5 around mid-April (as indicated by the AMS).
University Internal Selection
The Academy of Medical Sciences expect the University to run an internal selection process as only four names can be put forward in this round.  To meet these requirements, this call will be coordinated according to the University’s Restricted Calls Procedure. 
If you are planning to apply, please send an e-mail to by 1st May 2019, including:
• The attached form.
• A CV (including list of publications) – max 2 pages.
• A letter of support from your Head of Department confirming that they are happy to support your application.
• If you are re-submitting, the e-mail with the AMS invitation to resubmit and the feedback provided in the previous round.
Funder deadlines:
13th May 2019: deadline for the University Research Strategy Office to notify AMS of the 4 selected applicants.
21st June 2019: deadline for the selected applicants to submit their applications to the AMS.
If you have any queries or need advice for your application please contact 


Cambridge Reproduction SRI: Conceptions

Cambridge Reproduction SRI: Conceptions
Deadline 19 November 2019


Conceptions provide a unique opportunity for research fellows, post-doctoral research associates and graduate students to run their own creative interdisciplinary project around the theme of reproduction. The project may involve the production of a short film or outreach material, a novel research proposal or other activity.

The requirements are that the project must be:

  • interdisciplinary and involve members from different departments
  • fully costed, as funding will be capped
  • completed within 12 months of approval

For more information, and for details of how to apply, please see the Conceptions page on this website:



THRiVE-2 will provide 5 (Five) research career development awards to very promising researchers in the Consortium, composed of Gulu University, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical CollegeMakerere UniversityNational Institute of Medical Research-MwanzaUganda Virus Research Institute and International Centre of Insect Physiology and EcologyUniversity of Cambridge and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The research career development awards are intended to stimulate research excellence and progression to research leadership.

The main objectives of the awards are to:

  • Foster collaboration between THRiVE institutions and staff
  • Encourage sharing of specialized tools and equipment, knowledge and expertise within the THRiVE network
  • To support innovative research projects in one of the three, THRiVE thematic areas to generate data and publications that will support development of bigger competitive grants applications. The THRiVE thematic areas are (a) Infectious diseases/neglected tropical diseases (IDs/NTDs) (b) Maternal, neonatal and reproductive health (MN/RH) (c) Non-communicable diseases (NCDs).
  • Encourage the production and submission of joint proposals to other research funders

The career development awards will enable a researcher from a THRiVE institution to conduct preliminary research and obtain data, leading to a peer reviewed journal publication and development of a bigger grant application. This should be a joint research proposal with at least one investigator from each of a minimum of two THRiVE institutions. There are five (5) grants (a maximum of £10,000 each). Workshop, research, travel and some personnel costs (a maximum of 20% of total project budget) may be requested. Grants awarded will be managed by the finance office of the principal applicant’s institution.


The principal applicant must be low or mid-level academic staff member (from Assistant Lecturer to Senior Lecturer) from one of the above African THRiVE institutions. He/she should not be pursuing Masters or PhD or postdoc training at the time of application and must submit the following documents:

  • A one-page CV of the Principal applicant/investigator outlining this/her research interests and previous grants held
  • Application of two to four pages which should include a brief summary/background, proposed approach/methods, expected outputs and potential impact, a description of the expectations for future fundraising, and up to 10 key references.
  • Name(s) and one-page CV of each of the proposed collaborator(s) in another THRiVE institution, and including grants held.
  • A budget for the proposed research for the career development award.

Please note that undergraduate students are not eligible.


Send your application to the THRiVE Consortium Secretariat at Makerere University ( by 16th April 2019 at 5:00pm East African Standard Time


In case of questions please contact the THRiVE consortium Secretariat at Makerere University by 1st April 2019

Tel: +256 414 530021

THRiVE Consortium

Restricted call: MacArthur Foundation 100&Change (internal deadline 07 May 2019)



Restricted call: MacArthur Foundation 100&Change (internal deadline 07 May 2019) 

The MacArthur Foundation has launched the second round of its 100&Change competition which offers a $100 million USD grant to fund a single proposal for up to five years that promises real and measurable progress in solving a critical problem of our time.

MacArthur aims to fund a proven, road-tested model of addressing global problems.  Proposals from any field or problem area are considered, but must focus on problems and their solutions, and will ideally involve collaboration between a number of agencies and/or institutions.  Crucially, proposals must be impactful and the proposed solutions, which will go beyond the policy level, must be evidence-based, pragmatic and implementable. 


The competition will not consider a project focused on basic and/or clinical research, which MacArthur defines as any project that is in the early or ongoing stages of testing a research hypothesis.


The preparation of the bid to the funder, if selected, will require significant input from the PI and team, in collaboration with the University Development Office, between June and August 2019.


The Foundation’s partial application form, organisational readiness tool and scoring rubric are attached for information.  Also attached is a summary document prepared by the University Development Office. 


University Internal selection:

Only a single $100 million USD grant is available from MacArthur. Therefore, this call will be managed according to the University’s restricted calls policy.


To take part in the internal selection process please submit the completed selection form to by 07 May 2019.


Download the SELECTION FORM here


Funder deadline: August 2019 (precise deadline to be announced).