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The University has a fund which provides support for large bids. You can find further information on the Large Bid Fund and guidance how to apply here:

The team in the Research Strategy Ofiice can assist you, as we are aware the application process can be time consuming. The RSO can offer support with facilitation, coordination and input into large complex bids, particularly to promote cross-disciplinary grant applications.

Please get in touch if you are interested and we can help.

ESRC New Investigator Grants (restricted call) - Deadline 15 November 2021

The ESRC have announced their New Investigators scheme. This scheme is suitable for early career researchers who have yet to make the transition to be an independent researcher. Proposals are welcome in any topic which falls within ESRC’s remit, including projects at the “interface with the wider sciences,” provided that social sciences accounts for at least 50% of the proposed research. The ESRC will award grants of between £100-300K (covered at 80%fEC). For full details please see the call specification.

This call has a rolling deadline. The ESRC aims to announce the majority of decisions within 26 weeks of submission, but the recommended project start date is 8 months after submission.

University Internal selection

The ESRC expect the University to run an internal selection process to ensure that we submit only bids from outstanding individuals with the potential to become the research leaders of the future. The University may only submit a limited number of applications. To meet these requirements, this call will be overseen by a cross-school Committee, as decided by University’s Research Policy Committee.

There are three internal calls every year (in March, June and October).  Only applicants whose proposals have been approved through the internal selection process will be allowed to proceed with submission of their applications to ESRC.

Interested applicants should submit an online application here: New Investigator Grant Scheme 2021-22 by 5pm on Monday 15 November 2021.

You will be required to upload the following:

  • The p.2 of the attached research project proposal form
  • A letter of support from your Head of Department

This letter is very important to the success of the application as it is needed to confirm the details of the departmental support and the applicant’s eligibility. The letter must also specify a department/faculty based mentor, and a reviewer, both of whom have agreed to provide feedback on the full proposal, should the applicant be selected to proceed. The reviewer may be from within or outside the applicant’s department/faculty. Please note that naming a reviewer is an internal requirement, and the reviewer will not be named on the full application to the ESRC. The mentor and the named reviewer will be expected to provide feedback on the full proposal prior to submission to ESRC. This will be coordinated by the School Research Facilitator.

  • An X5 pdf report

The report should show the preliminary costing for the project, including the cost of the applicant’s salary and research assistance (if required). The X5 should not be submitted for ROO approval at this stage; the costing is for indicative purposes only, to inform the internal selection. It will be possible to modify it after the internal selection.

If you have any questions, please write to


Cambridge Socio-Legal Group: call for colloquium funding applications - Deadline 31 December 2021

The Cambridge Socio-Legal Group is an interdisciplinary discussion forum affiliated to several departments within the University of Cambridge that promotes debate on topical socio-legal issues and empirical research methodology. We are inviting applications for financial support for interdisciplinary colloquia concerning the broad theme of ‘Mind the Gap’. The colloquia should focus on the relationships between the intentions behind laws and how they are actually practised or experienced in the social world.   
Funds Available
Our usual funding models are as follows:

  • Where royalties from an edited collection etc. arising from a colloquium are to be paid to the Group, we normally offer up to £1,000 in funding, with an additional £2,000 of underwriting in respect of further costs (a list of volumes arising out of previously funded colloquia is available on our webpage; we have a particularly strong relationship with Hart Publishing);
  • Where no such royalties are to be paid to the Group, the usual maximum available is £300.

Funds might be spent on items such as room hire, catering, travel and accommodation, or editorial assistance relating to outputs from the colloquium.
Please note that we do not normally fund travel and subsistence costs except for actual speakers at colloquia, nor do we pay honoraria for speakers.
We welcome applications from scholars in any field, provided that the overall subject-matter of the proposed colloquium falls within the field of socio-legal studies (broadly defined), in that it has some connection to the relationship between law and society. In addition, it must address the ‘Mind the Gap’ theme outlined above.
Joint applications are welcome, but at least one named applicant must be a current member of the University of Cambridge.
Application Process
Completed applications should be sent as a single Word or PDF attachment to by 31 December 2021. They should comprise:

  • A maximum 500-word abstract outlining the aims, expected participants in, and expected outputs from, the colloquium;
  • The anticipated date and location of the colloquium;
  • Details of at least one applicant’s current affiliation to the University of Cambridge;
  • A breakdown of estimated costs for the colloquium as a whole;
  • The amount sought from the Socio-Legal Group specifically and details of how it would be spent; and
  • Details of other funding from other sources already obtained and to be sought.

The Management Committee of the Socio-Legal Group will consider applications and make one or more awards early in 2022. The Committee’s decision on this matter will be final, and due account will be taken of the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion

Those interested can subscribe to our mailing list for news of future activities.

BBSRC ALERT 2021 Mid-range equipment initiative (restricted call) - Deadline 2 November 2021

The BBSRC has announced the ALERT 2021 Mid-range equipment initiative.

The ALERT 2021 call aims to enhance the capability of the UK research base in areas of science in UKRI-BBSRC's remit. Applications are invited for mid-range equipment costing over £200,000 including VAT. Applications will typically be from groups of researchers in one or more eligible institutions for instrumentation to be deployed collaboratively on a multi-project and multi-use basis. The capital equipment budget for this call is approximately £10M.

The impact of the investment will be part of the assessment of the application, including the research enabled, the benefit to or involvement of a wider user community, and the anticipated extent of usage. Where it is envisaged that a significant user-base for the equipment will be undertaking research in areas outside BBSRC remit, applicants must seek an appropriate level of additional upfront contributions and support from external sources, and provide information on this in the grant application (for more information see the call guidance). Details of BBSRC remit are available here.

University Internal selection:

Institutions have to prioritise their submissions due to the limited budget available for this call. Therefore, this call will be managed according to the University’s restricted calls policy.

To take part in the internal selection process, please submit the attached internal selection form together with a support letter from the Head of the Department/Centre/Institute that will hold the grant, to by 9 AM, 2nd November 2021. The Head of Department support letter should confirm:

  • Support for the project
  • The Department has sufficient space for the equipment and will cover relevant technical support, training, access, and health and safety costs.

Funder deadline: 4pm, 25 November 2021

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at