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Cambridge Reproduction


Cambridge Reproduction invites all Cambridge researchers to attend a twice-termly Reading Group on Reproduction in which we’ll help each other engage with classics and new work in a wide range of disciplines. 

Readings will be precirculated on Moodle at least two weeks in advance.

We'll meet in Room CGO 9 @ Student Services Centre, Old Cavendish East Wing. 

Sessions will begin with an optional sandwich lunch at 12:30pm, the main discussion will start promptly at 1:05pm and finish at 1:55pm, and those who wish may continue over tea and coffee till 2:30pm.

To join the group please complete our short form 

Lent Term 2024

Wednesday 27 February 2024 

Jens M. Scherpe, 'Breaking the Existing Paradigms of Parent–Child Relationships', in International and National Perspectives on Child and Family Law, pp. 343 - 359 (CUP, 2018). DOI: Introduced by Dr Brian Sloan (Law).

Introduction from Dr Brian Sloan

Despite significant changes in both reproductive technology and society, the law of England and Wales persists in the notion that a child can have a maximum of two legal parents at any one time, even if the parents need no longer be respectively male and female. Jens Scherpe’s chapter suggests that the law of parent–child relations should be reconceptualised, in order adequately to reflect the biological origin and the social relations of the child. Albeit written by a legal scholar, the paper will represent food for thought for all those with an interest in reproduction, irrespective of their academic discipline.

Thanks to the School of the Humanities and Social Sciences for research framework funding



Wednesday 11 October 2023

François Jacob, The Logic of Life (selection). Introduced by Professor Nick Hopwood (HPS).

For the first session in October we read parts of a history of biology that proposed an influential argument about how research came to focus on reproduction.



Tuesday 28 November 2023

The Second Creation by Ian Wilmut, Keith Campbell and Colin Tudge. Introduced by Professor Sarah Franklin (Sociology).





Wednesday 24 January 2024

Oldak, B., Wildschutz, E., Bondarenko, V. et al. Complete human day 14 post-implantation embryo models from naive ES cells. Nature 622, 562–573 (2023). Introduced by Professor Kathy Niakan (PDN).



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