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Cambridge Reproduction


Cambridge Reproduction invites all Cambridge researchers to attend a twice-termly Reading Group on Reproduction to engage with classics and new work across disciplines - all with a central theme of reproduction. 

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Meetings take place in central Cambridge. Sessions start with an optional sandwich lunch at 12:30pm, discussion from 1-2pm, finishing by 2.30pm 

Upcoming dates: 

Tuesday 26th November - Room CG09, Old Cavendish Wing, Student Services, New Museums site. 

Led by Dr Catherine Aiken, Honorary Consultant in Maternal and Fetal Medicine

Starting 12.30 with lunch, group 1-2pm, closing 2.30pm. 

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Previous meetings

Friday 21st June - Room 78, Anatomy Building with Professor Ashley Moffett, Professor of Reproductive Immunology in the Department of Pathology.

Introduction: Recent articles in the Guardian (see links below) discuss the increased prevalence of pre-eclampsia in women with African ancestry. This is well known, as is the associated increased risk of stillbirth, preterm labour and fetal growth restriction in these women all leading to poor maternal and fetal outcomes. These conditions arise because of defective placentation early in pregnancy and affect at least 10% of pregnancies.

Thursday 30th May - Room 78, Anatomy Building with Dr Emma Pomeroy 

There is an obstetrical dilemma: Misconceptions about the evolution of human childbirth and pelvic form
American Journal of Biological Anthropology: Volume 181, Issue 4 Aug 2023

Wednesday 11 October 2023

François Jacob, The Logic of Life (selection). Introduced by Professor Nick Hopwood (HPS).

For the first session in October we read parts of a history of biology that proposed an influential argument about how research came to focus on reproduction.



Tuesday 28 November 2023

The Second Creation by Ian Wilmut, Keith Campbell and Colin Tudge. Introduced by Professor Sarah Franklin (Sociology).





Wednesday 24 January 2024

Oldak, B., Wildschutz, E., Bondarenko, V. et al. Complete human day 14 post-implantation embryo models from naive ES cells. Nature 622, 562–573 (2023). Introduced by Professor Kathy Niakan (PDN).



Wednesday 27 February 2024 

Jens M. Scherpe, 'Breaking the Existing Paradigms of Parent–Child Relationships', in International and National Perspectives on Child and Family Law, pp. 343 - 359 (CUP, 2018). DOI: Introduced by Dr Brian Sloan (Law).




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