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Cambridge Reproduction



Cambridge Reproduction is led by a Chair, Professor Kathy Niakan (PDN), and two Deputy Chairs, Professor Sarah Franklin (Sociology) and Professor Nick Hopwood (HPS), who provide academic leadership. The Coordinator, Christina Rozeik, provides executive and strategic management. The Chairs and the Coordinator form an Executive Committee, which is reponsible for the day-to-day running of the initiative.


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee advises the Executive Committee on all aspects of the programme, policy, activities and future directions of the SRI, and in particular ensures that all communities comprising Cambridge Reproduction are properly represented and informed. The Steering Committee includes at least two Postdoctoral Researcher Representatives and at least two Postgraduate Student Representatives.


External Advisory Board

We have appointed an External Advisory Board to help advise the Steering Committee about the our programme and future directions in a broader context, and in particular to raise the institutional, national and international profile of research and other activity in the field of reproduction at the University of Cambridge. The new External Advisory Board met for the first time in July 2021.


Useful documents

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