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Cambridge Reproduction

The past, present and future of contraception, 10 February 2022

Cambridge Reproduction Forum is a termly meeting organised by the Cambridge Reproduction. The Forum provides a friendly multidisciplinary platform for researchers at the University of Cambridge and affiliated institutions to share their research and meet others with an interest in any aspect of reproduction.

This term's Forum will be held on Thursday 10 February at 2 - 3.45 pm, and will focus on the theme 'The past, present and future of contraception'. In this forum we will explore from a historical, sociological and scientific perspective the origins and methods of contraception. This forum aims to inspire and reinforce the commitment to prioritise modern contraception programmes and research based on a multidisciplinary understanding of the history and future directions of family planning and contraception.

This event is co-organised by Cambridge Reproduction and the Cambridge University Femtech Society.



The meeting will be held on Zoom. Please register in advance on Eventbrite: We will circulate the Zoom meeting details a couple of days before the meeting.


Draft programme

You can find the speaker biographies on this page.

Chair: Cambridge University Femtech Society



Why histories of contraception matter today
Kim Alexander (History and Philosophy of Science)

Contraceptives in India: a history
Dr Aprajita Sarcar (Centre de sciences humaines, Delhi, India)



The Lowdown: a contraception review platform and community
Alice Pelton (The Lowdown)

Moving oral contraceptives over the counter in the American South
Dr Beth Sundstrom and Professor Cara Delay (Women’s Health Research Team, College of Charleston, USA)

Data flows: period trackers and/as contraception
Stefanie Felsberger (Gender Studies)



Leveraging precision medicine to personalise contraception
Dr Elena Rueda and Dr Aaron Michael Lazorwitz, MD (Dama Health)




Thursday, 10 February, 2022 - 14:00
Event location: 
Online, via Zoom