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Cambridge Reproduction


I am a postgraduate student studying an MPhil in Health, Medicine and Society. My undergraduate degree was in sociology.

My research interests are in women with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their experiences of pregnancy and parenting. My undergraduate research, titled “Balancing on the Edge: The Stigmatising Impact of Episodic Disability”, used both quantitative and qualitative research to explore whether episodic disability led to a specific experience of stigma.

The findings from this research highlighted the novel experiences of women with MS in both pregnancy and parenthood which offer a basis for further research. My MPhil dissertation will be using qualitative methods to focus on experiences of parenting with MS during the covid-19 pandemic. I hope to use this research to further my knowledge in the subject in preparation for a PhD; where I aim to research maternity care provision across the NHS for women with MS.

I am also interested in mental health, and am hoping to carry out research surrounding the regulations women and girls are subject to in prescribing practices of sodium valproate to those who are deemed to be “of child bearing potential”.