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Cambridge Reproduction


Recent graduate of Global Health and Social Medicine at King’s College London. I’m currently enrolled in the MPhil programme for Health, Medicine and Society and I want to continue on to PhD level study. The modules I am currently taking are Medical Sociology, medical Anthropology, Ethics and Politics of Medicine and Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine.

My main areas of interest are in Women’s Health, Reproductive Sociology as well as Gender and Sexuality Studies. My recent research (undergraduate dissertation) has focused on the Social Representations of Reproductive Care, specifically with regard to Egg Freezing, where my study cohort were women in their early reproductive years. Through my research I was able to explore different themes and meanings of motherhood, kinship, childbearing and (in)fertility, from the perspective of young women between ages 19-29. For my master’s thesis I want to continue along these lines of researching egg freezing. I would like to focus on the clinical perspective, seeing the fertility clinic and perhaps interviewing fertility specialists.