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Cambridge Reproduction


I have two roles, split 40% CTR, 60% Department of Genetics:


I head the bioinformatics core facility in the Centre for Trophoblast Research which brings together approximately thirty diverse research groups based in different departments within the University and the Babraham Institute. The core now consists of two post-doctoral researchers, and as of December 2018 my role is to manage and support the core team and administer cost-recovery through grant proposals and ad-hoc charges.

Department of Genetics

I am developing my own research program to study nucleic acid structure in key regulatory regions of the genome such as those under epigenetic control. This involves developing methods for DNA and RNA 2D and 3D structure prediction. I also support members of the Ferguson-Smith lab with bioinformatics analysis, such as large-scale RNA-Seq, DNA methylation data and the statistical analysis of zebra fish tracking experiments.