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Cambridge Reproduction


Katie is a senior research associate in the Department of Sociology and deputy director of the Reproductive Sociology Research Group (ReproSoc). Her main research interests include connections between reproduction and environmental concerns and how intersecting inequalities (re)produce reproductive injustice. Katie’s research on how British environmentalists make ethical judgements about reproduction has been published in several venues including her book, Making a Good Life: An Ethnography of Nature, Ethics, and Reproduction by Princeton University Press in 2016 and in the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute. Her subsequent project on media representations of the birth of the world’s first IVF baby, Louise Brown, has been published in Sociology, Reproductive BioMedicine and Society Online and Medical History. Katie co-leads a project called Reproducing the Environment with Janelle Lamoreaux (University of Arizona) and is currently coordinating a work package called (In)Fertile Environments on the Wellcome Trust-funded collaborative project, Changing (In)Fertilities, led by Sarah Franklin and Marcia Inhorn. She is also the reviews editor for Reproductive BioMedicine and Society Online.