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Cambridge Reproduction


The foundation of my interests in developmental biology was laid when I first learned the determinants of the development of an embryo into a fetus in the reproductive biology lecture of the second year of medical school. Since then, I have been fascinated by how a single cell is able to develop into a very complex system as the body of ourselves. Despite the current advanced level of knowledge, this is a field with vast potentials waiting to be explored. To contribute to enlighten the mysteries behind human development, I am eager to pursue a research career in this field and therefore, I had applied and now working as a senior lab technician/research associate at the laboratory of Prof. Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz at the University of Cambridge.

My main motivation in working research associate is to gain experience in performing research on early embryogenesis and determining its epigenetic regulators. I am interested in developing models to understand the mechanisms behind cell fate decision and differentiation. I expect to gain scientific independence, critical thinking skills, and frankly, experience in the field attracts me the most to perform translational, namely “bench to bedside” research in my future practice. Upon completing my duty at Zernicka-Goetz’s Lab, I have aspired to continue my career with a PhD program in Developmental Biology. In the long term, I would like to run my own lab in concordance with my clinical practice and have my own team of motivated students and collaborators.